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The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Best Movers regarding the use of our website and services

  • While we do our best to move your items without any damage, we offer a limited insurance up to 2 million euros on the items that we move/ transport. There is an own-risk amount that we use as a good will paid by our customer per claim - the own risk amount is 500 eur per claim

  • Cancelations are not allowed when done less than 72 hours, and the full amount will be charged

  • Time starts from the moment we leave our office and must include the return trip

  • When there are items heavier than 35kg, we add 50eur to bring a specialised truck for heavy items

  • We can't guarantee the exact starting time, and we do our best to meet the times provided - please be ready within +/- 1 or 2 hour of the agreed time

  • Fragile and special items must be clearly labelled and properly packed/ secured before being moved and Best Movers movers must be informed regarding these items to take proper actions for their safe transport. Failing to report these items could violate Best Movers insurance policy

  • Best Movers shall not be hold responsible for any damages where these are a result of wrong labeling, bad packaging,  missing information or mis handling by non Best Movers movers

  • When not opting for the Best Movers packing-service, we expect items to be packed and secured in boxes or bags. Best Movers retains the right to refuse to move loose items that are not safely packed

  • Movers require a 10 minute break after every 4 hours of moving to guarantee their safety and ensure quality of output

  • When there is a need for a second loading, this will be charged 50eur for every extra ride

  • During the move, we make use of a full suit of top-notch moving materials such as special trollies, moving ropes, moving blankets, etc

  • If there are any special needs/ instructions, these must be communicated in writing to Best Movers at least 48 hours prior to the moving date

  • Our movers are highly trained and skilled and are expected to perform their job based on their expertise, in case of dispute the planner must be informed immediately to take proper action inform the movers promptly

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Terms of Use: Terms of Use
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